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Dave Miller S.W. C.Ht. 

As a licensed social worker, I have been practicing hypnotherapy
in a variety of clinical settings for over 30 years. I now specialize
in Smoking Cessation, Weight Loss, Stress & Pain Management.

During my career, I have done individual counseling, group & family
therapy, marriage counseling & have incorporated hypnotherapy with
many other approved therapies during my entire counseling career.

I conduct pain management seminars (hypnosis is the most effective
pain management technique). I have taught natural child birth through
hypnosis and worked with police departments to help people retrieve
memory. I use hypnosis to shut off fears and phobias, just like habits,
fears are learned.

If you've tried to lose weight on any diet, you probably have different
size clothing in your closet. Diets don't shut off unhealthy eating habits
like eating too much or when you're not hungry.

If you smoke, you're not craving nicotine, you're craving the habit of
smoking. The habit like not being able to start your car, answer the
phone, finish a meal, or drink a cup of coffee, without lighting a smoke.
That's a habit. Nicotine is out of your body within 72 hours (3-days).
If you have wasted money on patches, pills, gum, or other items,
you know the habit is the problem.

Those who are not able to attend one of my seminars, do just as well
with my Hypnosis Cd's. These Cd's will give you the same success
as attending a public seminar.

All my Cds are less than 15-minutes long.   

 I also conduct private sessions at your home or place of business
Call to inquire 231-288-5941