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Hello folks, I'd like to share with you what I've been doing the last 2 weeks.

As a counselor and hypnotherapist, I have also done many other things on a part time basis to expand myself and enjoy other people and what they do.

I've been a corrections officer, substance abuse counselor, and I've even been a substitute teacher one winter (elementary art class was a blast) !

The last 2 weeks, I've been working side by side, hand to hand with the people who pick and process all the wonderful food we enjoy.  You see with all the bad press about our neighbors from the south, I thought it would be great to meet & work with them.

The people I've met, my co-workers are some of the hardest working, friendliest, family oriented and generous people I've ever met.

My 1st day of work, they were offering me authentic mexican food (not the processed version we are use to) even though they had just met me.

You see, many families travel together from Texas each year to pick our food.  These folks pick our asparagus in the spring, process cherries now, and pick our apples thru November.  All these jobs are physically taxing, low paying jobs and yet they arrive each morning with a smile and leave after 12hrs tired, yet they are still smiling.

Remember the next time you enjoy a cherry pie... we are all individuals... "don't generalize"